Recognize the light radiating within you

The single digit number of the year 2016 is the number 9, the symbolic meaning of which is “The Hermit”. The hermit symbolizes the little eternal soul-flame inside you. This flame keeps burning inside you even when find yourself alone. Your journey is oftentimes incredibly lonely. If you understand that you can only make your decisions inside, you’ll also understand that following your path is a bit of a solitary mission. Solitude doesn’t mean that you always have to be alone, though. It only means that you must keep on going forward even if no one else is following you.

When you start making the right decisions consciously, you have to leave behind those that don’t agree with the road you’re taking or are simply not ready to join you. You can’t hold yourself back for no one! You can’t stop on your journey, just to wait for others to become ready to join you. You must learn how to move on, which is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face this year. You’ll have let go of some people so that you can spread your wings and rise from your ground.

If you feel unsure, just ask the flame

If you’re unsure whether you are headed in the right direction, whether you’re on the right track, don’t try to find the answer in the external world. Turn inward and focus on the flickering flame in the center of your chest. If you ask your questions clearly, the light of the little flame will hear you out. If you feel warmth and urgency, you’ll know that you’re on the right path, so you must stick to your decisions at all costs. If you feel that the light of your little flame is slowly fading, you can be sure that that path isn’t right for you.

Many people will try to push you into the “right” direction. Don’t trust anyone but yourself and the flame flickering inside your heart. This is the only guidance you can rely on. You can’t and shouldn’t have to meet anyone’s expectations, since no one can tell you where to go. You can hear them out of course, but you must make the decision yourself and the only way to do that is to turn inward. Don’t give into the temptation of short-term benefits. Don’t forget about your star that keeps calling you even in this very moment.

The light inside you is the reflection of the light of your star

The light inside you is your fairy godmother, your confidante, and your loyal friend. This light is the reflection of your life-plan. When you find yourself in need of help, just ask your inner light whether the next step you’re about to take serves your life-plan. Your light will know the answer. For a while you might feel that your life is heading in an unfavorable direction when following your heart, but you can be sure that the outcome will prove your inner light right.

The biggest challenge in your life is to sacrifice immediate benefits for the sake of long-term success and happiness. It all may seem painful and senseless at first, but you mustn’t be alarmed. Take baby steps and you’ll find help along the way. Make sure that you accept the conflicts that you encounter, because they’ll take you forward and will liberate you from the weight of forces trying to hold you back.

Never again will you have to face change alone

What would you say if I told you that there’s a tool that can guide your steps, helping you find your way in the thick forest of changes that occur in your life?

When I became more familiar with the amazing system of numerology in 2002, I found a tool just like that. Although I didn’t have the solution yet, I decided to start observing my life and the lives of others around me so as to get an answer to the questions I had regarding the constant transformation of our lives. I was trying to figure out whether there was a yet unknown law that could help us to understand the seemingly “coincidental” events of our lives.

It took me five years to solve the secrets of how these changing energies work. Throughout my discoveries I realized that the energies surrounding us were communicating with me, sending me messages with the events of my life, showing me where my life was headed. This is part of the advancement of humanity and thus, part of your personal growth as well.

In the past ten years, I’ve learned to translate the messages of the constantly transforming energies of our lives and put them into practice. These messages help you understand the personal messages of the energies of own life.

I’ve written you a new book, entitled “2016 The Year of Soaring”, which will give you help, guidance and reaffirmation so that you know every day for the next one year that YOUR LIFE IS HEADED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

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2016 The Year Of Soaring

Guidance for the year 2016, so that you can finally learn that your life is headed in the right direction

2016_the_year_of_soaring_ebook-ipad-mobile-v5From this 170 page eBook, you can learn about the changes that await you in the year 2016. Each month I’ll guide you through the energy transformations of the upcoming year and thus you won’t ever feel lost again.

If you know what energies surround you, you can co-operate with them and shape your life. These energies will be your friends, supporting you along the way. With the help of this book, I’ll also stay with you all year long, giving you guidance and reaffirmation so that you’ll know your life is headed in the right direction.

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