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The Website operator

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I. Number One Numerology System

I.1. The Number One Numerology aims, to website or the services / products making use of messages passed on by Peter Schilling operated by the Operator to the User interfaces. I.2.1. The Website and the use of the system Number One Numerology, part of content services / products to learn about free and available without registration. I.2.2. In addition, the Number One Numerology services / products may be learned from a hand free of charge by the Service Provider a week several times a newsletter - series - the service / product necessary for the provision, with accurate and complete by entering the user's personal data - provided at registration by the user's e-mail address by sending. On the other hand, for consideration in the form of a newsletter series can be found on the website or the services / products. If this information changes, update your data - the data to amending clicking the link - the user has registered. I.3. User registration, use of the system and the relevant data by specifying in advance gives a clear and explicit and voluntary consent to any availability of information provided by Operator to the User in connection with the Operating system and the Services / in goods of any information / advertising weekly electronic multiple times correspondence or by other equivalent means of communication sent to an individual . I.4. These Terms / Policies / Disclaimer declaration in the user's address in I.1 . and I.2 . User understands fixed point (the user). I.5 . Users of this contribution to the unsubscribe link any time by clicking justification for free and without restriction the right to withdraw.

II . The User

II.1. The user's II.1.1 . The Website and the Services / Products recipient, use of 18 be years of age. II.1.2 . The 14 to 18 - in case of life - years of age to view certain content necessary consent of their parents or guardians that the operator can also restrict access to certain content. The User agrees to abide by these restrictions and not to help the age group in question to avoid the enforcement of these restrictions.

II.2. User Conduct

II.2.1 . The User is exclusive responsible for the surface of the Website and individual user access to their massages or comments. II.2.2 . The user who is on the Website and / or the surface of individual user access to incentives to commit an offense or violation of the law, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, lewd, lascivious , violent, harassing , abusive, slanderous, vulgar quality statements made ​​orally or in written rights to even more visual tool or the right to privacy and the public harm, racial or ethnic hatred or otherwise objectionable insult me or others breach of personal rights for behavior without prior notice by the Operator in its sole discretion, suspend with immediate effect, terminate your access. The Operator reserves the right to change the texts written by the users because of any other reason. The User is responsible for online interactions with other Users linguistic and visual content. The Operator reserves the right to verify those interactions are the nature of what is going on between the Users, the case identified in which the objectionable contents, the Operator reserves the right, without prior notice at the discretion of the objectionable content remove or delete any other manner, immediately suspend , terminate your access to the Website and the User and excludes from the scope of the Services / Products. II.2.3 . The II.2.2 . other than those in section II.2.3 . provided for violations of section II.2.2 . entail legal consequences of point if the User on the Website: II.2.3.a.) violation of copyright law, patent law, for involving business secrets and trademark laws available; II.2.3.b.) prevent (may hinder), interference (interfere with) or damage (damage to) the Website and / or the Services / Products, for their safety, including viruses, Trojan horses, harmful code falsification, IP address spoofing and spam technologies, not publish or transmit any information, software or other material which contains a virus or other harmful component; II.2.3.c.) attempt to use another user account attempting to obtain unauthorized access to any other person on behalf of a third party or having a false identity on the Website or the services / products to which the elements of a given user does not have, directly or indirectly spam or send any other unsolicited e-mail to other users; collect, store and use personal data of other users without their express consent; II.2.3.d.) placed on the use metatags or other hidden text elements, making use of the name, copyright, trademark, business benefits and market awareness; Using II.2.3.e.) commercial advertising or offering for sale products or services, sending spam or advertising message content; II.2.3.f. ) engage in any activity that interferes with other users that enjoy the website or original services / products.

III . Limitation of Liability

III.1. Knowledge of the Website, or through the Services / Products supplied are not a guarantee or promise to start a real change in the life of the user, the number of individual factors, such as the user depends on the results of their work. Forward-looking statements reflect only personal opinion, and so are not a guarantee or promise any real power. In addition, the Website or the Services / components is presented models do not offer, they do not replace and are not a substitute for professional financial, medical, psychological, legal or other professional advice. The user of the Website or the services / products making use of using simultaneously the conditions / Policies / declaration adopting understands and acknowledges that the Operator and Peter Schilling is not responsible and is not liable for the user's successes or failures, and assumes no responsibility or liability in any way express or implied, of any kind - results way or the Website or ideas, as a strategy for success in the Services / Products. III.2. The Operator and Peter Schilling not liable for the direct, indirect, consequential, special or other damages that result in economic loss, injury, illness or death occurs. Only the user is responsible for decisions, activities and results, in life, and can take that. III.3. Peter Schilling and the Operator is not responsible for and shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, or other damages, which belongs to the Services / Products usability. III.4. Effects of this Terms / Policies / declaration covers all the surfaces, where the Operator and / or Peter Schilling whatever spiritual source is acknowledged, however the Operator and Peter Schilling is not liable for the content, advertising, products or other materials, which may be the link that way. Peter Schilling and the Operator is not responsible for and shall not be liable directly or indirectly, so as far as the promotions shown on the surface of a third-party for any damage to the user. III.5. The Operator draws the user's attention and asks users to either the Operator, nor any original creative ideas, suggestions or materials not send for Peter Schilling. If the user does, the transfer of information from the moment the information disclosed is not subject to any obligation of confidentiality or protection idea, and can not be held liable for any use or disclosure, as the move is made, the Operator and / or Peter Schilling. The moment of submitting the idea or initiative previous owner loses purpose and develop a source of law, which may be used without compensation or notice any law. III.6. The WebSite in some cases third party content shown, however that the Operator and / or Peter Schilling's opinion does not represent in any case, so the Operator and Peter Schilling and the resulting damage excludes liability . III.7. Neither the Operator, nor Peter Schilling nor the contractors do not warrant that the Website or the Services / Products uninterrupted or error-free work, which exclude the liability scale.

IV.Refund Policy

We want to make sure you are 100% happy with your purchase. All returns must be made within 30 days of receiving your order. Please contact us at info@numberonenumerology.com.

V.Other Provisions

The Operator and Peter Schilling, and User expressly declares as meaning that the Website or use the services / products and the use or interpretation and enforcement of the Terms / Policies / declaration in only explicitly considered the rules of the Hungarian law prevail and the dispute which may arise in litigation Hungarian confer jurisdiction .


I. Prelude

I.1. The Operator shall pay particular attention to data management in a user's interests in mind and act in accordance with the relevant data protection legislation. In each of these operators become aware of information as a trade secret Service to manage. I.4. The Operator of the user's personal information confidential, in accordance with the legal provisions in force manages to arrange to take them to safety and the security of information (technical and organizational) measures and establish the procedural rules that serve the enforcement of applicable regulations.

II. Privacy Policy

II.1. The Operator manages the purpose of providing the Service, and to the extent that only the time necessary for the Service User is indispensable personal data. II.2. In the data management of the Operator to ensure the accuracy of the information is complete and up to date , and that can be identified only as long as is necessary for handling the user's goal . III. The legal basis of data management and goal III.1. Operator handles the personal information of the user based on user's voluntary statement based on appropriate information, which statement shall include the user's explicit consent that during the existence of the contractual relationship between the User and Operator communicated to it by the use of services provided by the Operator / Personal Products manage your data. III.2. Powered by the objective of managing the user's personal information to the Website of Peter Schilling passed messages to user via operated by Operator interfaces. III.3. Powered by the user using the system Number One Numerology, or the registration of the user on the basis of decision of his own free will, voluntarily, without any coercion, the Operator of your personal information III.1 . and III.2. the legal basis and purpose of point otherwise use it. Release of personal data to third parties or authorities - where the law provides otherwise - for only the User's prior express consent is possible.

IV. Type of data

IV.1. Users of the Site or part of the services / products based on the user's discretion, without a free will, personal information and take advantage of other members with personal data entered. IV.2. The Operator of the user - to use the system and the service / product necessary for the provision - with voluntary registration by entering your personal data given a Website Using personalized or the provision of services / products for personal information will be kept / manage. IV.3. The Operator can not manage personal data and store the Website or the Services / Products not subject to use an account and use of course. IV.4. The Site or use the Services / Products in are technically registered in the user's login computer 's data ( in particular IP address, cookies), which are generated and what is the Operating System of the Website or the services / products to use in automatically as a result of the technical process of technical development of the information system, the protection of users ' rights, the surfaces attendance data to generate, and knowledge of the errors that may occur, attack attempts detection and prevention, and the use of the system, as well as professional provision of services / products and the efficiency of set to increase, the user or recipient of electronic advertising content delivery, market research and statistics. These data are not connect to transferred to third parties without the identity of the recipient and the recipient's consent.

V. Privacy

V.1. The Operator shall design and implement and ensure the protection of the private sphere of users in the application of law to process the data management operations. V.2. The Operator follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the personal information submitted to it. However, there is no way and that way through the Internet to the electronic storage of data to be 100% safe, but the Operator will seek appropriate means to protect your personal information, despite the fact that the operator can not guarantee its absolute security. V.3 . Operator does not give out within the framework of cooperation barter or other personal information from unauthorized third parties.

VI . Other Provisions

VI.1. The Website and the Services / Products User may only be used at your own risk. The content of the messages sent by unauthorized persons have access to the Internet, the content may be lost or altered . The Operator is not responsible for any losses incurred by virtue of any damage (especially malfunction, information loss, alteration, unauthorized alteration) that arose related to the use of the Website. Link on the Website may be directed in the User maintained by other service page where the influence of this practice Operator handling of personal data is not provided. In data communication of the sites and the privacy to ensure that such is not liable for these hours. These sites may contain information that is accuracy, copyright compliance, legality of guarantees, righteousness, or any other aspect of the content of points which can be related to the Operator is not responsible. VI.2. If the user's behalf in relation to the processing of personal data in any doubt, it is required to be reported immediately to the Operator for the purpose of investigation. VI.3.1. The Operator is not obliged to check whether the user upon registration and thereafter, and personal info in the treatment of giving consent when the information given is true and correct. The User warrants a full range of registration Number One Numerology reality of the specified user data, on the other hand, in relation to the Website, the Operating system or the Services / Products utilizing only the use of their personal data. In case of breach of these obligations if in this context the Operator for any harm or against the Operator for any legal consequences are validated, the user is required against the Operator fully stand up and maintains the Operator the right to make this connection against the User for damages claims enforced. VI.3.2. Any user's personal data (email address) when entering one takes responsibility for ensuring that the specified e-mail address will only use his service. This responsibility with regard to a specified e-mail address of the entry that any related liability is borne solely by the user who registered the e-mail address. VI.3.3. The User is fully responsible for all any transactions associated with the use of the system has been given by him to any personal information which is used in the. In view of this stand is that user's priority to personal information - keep your secret - to avoid any misuse. The Operator is not liable for the unauthorized use and / or damages resulting from the purchase order or in any other transaction with the user's personal data, business or private nature of information loss, by a third party .


I. All content on the Website can be found in particular all text, information, data, downloadable documents, drawing, illustration - the stock photos, or for the logo - photos, artwork, appliances, audio, video, applications, software (including source code), metadata, graphical user interfaces, and other files, and the Number One Numerology system and services / products - including their layout, appearance - and all of these software content, HTML codes, databases, Services / Products name, logos, page headers, custom graphics, icons, and scripts (hereinafter referred to as Intellectual property) Peter Schilling and / or the Operator, in its sole owners. II . Intellectual property in its entirety is copyrighted, any part of the contents Author exclusive - protected by Hungarian and international laws - intellectual property rights is part of copying and sharing content with any method, technique - related author expressly reserves the prior written consent of the author can be used in any form. III. Members of the intellectual creation in the light of copyright and trademark laws, self-education for personal use only aim to access and use. Furthermore, all other rights reserved and any use without the author's express consent for your personal gain. IV . In case of violation of the above conditions Author termination of the infringement claim, and is forced to take other legal action. These violations and unauthorized use of criminal and civil consequences ensue.