Leave your fears behind this year

The two-digit number of the year 2016 is the number 18, the symbolic meaning of which is  “The Moon”. The Moon is the symbol of the dual nature of your life. You’ll to be making a lot of decisions throughout your journey, which all have a potential for personal growth. Right or left? One or the other?

The long and seemingly never-ending series of decisions is about you learning to distinguish between right and wrong. You cannot make good decisions if you’re constantly waiting to get feedback from others. You’ll only fail to take your inner compass into account.

You need to make decisions on your own. You need to develop a confident inner compass that can show you the right way. There is only one right way, and it only belongs to you. If you ask others what you should do, you aren’t testing your inner compass – the only perfect guidance. People can only give you advice based on their own inner compass, which points in a different direction.

You need to learn to trust your inner voice

The biggest challenge of this year is to trust your feelings, because only they can show you the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. If you recognize, accept, and comprehend the resulting wisdom, you’ll gain access to a tremendous power that will show you the right way throughout your entire life. Imagine how confident you would become if you knew that your life is always heading in the right direction.

You need to learn to pay attention to your feelings. You must make space for your feelings by trusting them unconditionally. You can achieve this by accepting its messages. When your feelings are telling you that something is wrong, it means that the situation is bad and it will take your life in the wrong direction. When your feelings are telling you that something is right, it means that the situation is good and that it’ll take your life the right direction. It’s really this simple.

You need to learn to choose the right over the wrong

This perhaps sounds way too easy at first, but it’s not that obvious, actually. All the unhappiness that exists in your life is there, because you’ve chose the wrong over the right. All your joys have become part of your life, because you’ve recognized and accepted them. Every time you recognize and accept what’s right, you automatically shut the wrong out of your life. Every time you fail to recognize what’s right, you automatically end up choosing the wrong, which leads to unhappiness.

From this moment on, you’ll need to learn how to recognize what’s right and must consciously choose it over what’s wrong. Oftentimes it’s a dangerous undertaking, because a given situation might expect you to engage in conflict with the world in order to exercise your will. Each decision you make excludes a series of events from happening in your life. Not everything that sounds good to you is good for everyone else.

If you accept this fact and dare to choose what’s best for you, you should be prepared that you’ll have some conflicts in life. However, if you stick to your guns and always choose what’s right for you, you’ll be surrounded by people who agree with your choices. The challenge is huge, but if you stick with what’s right for you, soon your life will be filled with wonders you’ve made happen by making conscious decisions.

Let the year 2016 be the year when you know that your life is headed in the right direction

How can I know for sure if my life is headed in the right direction?  The events of your life are never coincidental; they never happen independently of each other. Every single moment has its own energy in your personal life as well as in a general sense. These energies change from year to year, month to month, day to day, showing you where your life is headed.

Every single moment of your life is part of your own life-plan, but at the same time, it’s part of the grand plan for the advancement of humanity. You can try to object and find a way out, but you must understand that you made the decision to take part in this fantastic process before you were born. The moment you understand the need for the above and learn to accept the opportunities each moment has to offer, you’ll be able to utilize the energy of the given moment for conscious creation.

I’ve written you a new book, entitled “2016 The Year of Soaring”, which will give you help, guidance and reaffirmation so that you know every day for the next one year that YOUR LIFE IS HEADED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

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2016 The Year Of Soaring

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If you know what energies surround you, you can co-operate with them and shape your life. These energies will be your friends, supporting you along the way. With the help of this book, I’ll also stay with you all year long, giving you guidance and reaffirmation so that you’ll know your life is headed in the right direction.

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