In 2016 Follow Your Star

Last year you spot a star in the sky and it burned into your memory. You can still see it even when you close your eyes. This star is the last thing you see before going to sleep and the first thing you see after waking up. This star dwells in your heart, guiding each and every step you take, telling you not to lose sight of the most precious dreams you have.

Your passionate, personal goal that embraces your body and your soul lives in your heart and has been calling you since you were born. It always assumes a different appearance, but it remains the same at the core. When you ask yourself what it is that you’re yearning for more than anything, you get the answer right away. Even though the fire of this dream is burning inside you, trying to get you to answer its calling, sometimes you’re still too scared to admit to yourself what this dream really is.

You’ve received an urgent invitation from the future

This calling appeared in your life so intensively last year, urging you to act upon it that you can no longer keep denying it. It’s there in your eyes, in your movements, in your words. Step in front of a mirror and take a look into your own eyes. You’ll see the fire that keeps burning stronger and brighter by the minute. The light of your star is now dancing in your eyes, telling you that you can no longer ignore the calling that you’ve accepted once and for all.

You can’t decline this invitation. This calling comes from your future: you sent it to yourself, defying the boundaries of time and space. This calling shows you the wonderful, potential version of a future that you can create. This future is your reward if you’re able to leave behind the heavy baggage you’ve been hauling.

It’s time to spread your wings

It’s time to turn your attention to the sky and re-discover the star that has taken a myriad of different shapes throughout your life so far. It’s time for this little star not to just keep on flickering on the sky, but to illuminate your entire life. Your star keeps calling you impatiently, but in order for you to meet it, your feet need to leave the stable ground behind. It’s time to answer the calling of your star so go look for a little hill and jump up high, spread your wings, and soar towards your star.

But you won’t be able to fly if there are heavy burdens tied to your ankles, trying to drag you down. You can’t take anything with you from the past. Everything that’s happened is being transformed into a tremendous power in your heart, and it keeps nourishing your wings. You’ll need this power in order to rise. The more past experiences you convert into inner power, the smaller the burdens will be and the stronger your wings will become.

I’ll help you get in touch with the personal message of your life in the year 2016

This message is there around you, encoded in the moment you’re experiencing. I’ll translate and hand you this message so that you can be sure your life and its constant changes are working for you, assisting you. The minute you understand this message, all your fears will vanish, making way for self-confidence. You’ll finally know that you’re able to recognize every single opportunity in your life and use them to your advantage.

I’ve written you a new book, entitled “2016 The Year of Soaring”, which will give you help, guidance and reaffirmation so that you know every day for the next one year that YOUR LIFE IS HEADED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

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2016 The Year Of Soaring

Guidance for the year 2016, so that you can finally learn that your life is headed in the right direction

2016_the_year_of_soaring_ebook-ipad-mobile-v5From this 170 page eBook, you can learn about the changes that await you in the year 2016. Each month I’ll guide you through the energy transformations of the upcoming year and thus you won’t ever feel lost again.

If you know what energies surround you, you can co-operate with them and shape your life. These energies will be your friends, supporting you along the way. With the help of this book, I’ll also stay with you all year long, giving you guidance and reaffirmation so that you’ll know your life is headed in the right direction.

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