The Numerology Of Spiritual Maturity

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Real opportunities are in harmony with your birth equation and only start affecting you at a certain age. In numerology we call this age the Age of Spiritual Maturity and you can calculate this number very easily from your date of birth.

The Age of Spiritual Maturity is encoded in your date of birth. All you need to do is learn a simple principle and then you’ll be able to calculate this number.  Numerology doesn’t begin your year on January 1. Your year starts at the date of your birth, using cycles of nine.

In order to achieve spiritual maturity you must experience at least three cycles of nine. Therefore, the Age of Spiritual Maturity never occurs before age 27 and never lasts longer than age 35. Before you reach this age, you must go through a learning curve. It’s not guaranteed that everything you see in your numerological equation will impact your life.

How can I calculate my Age of Spiritual Maturity?

The calculation is very simple, once again. We’ll use a type of calculation we’ve used before. First, all you need to do is add up the digits of your date of birth.

I’ll be using the last day of the month of June as an example. You should use the digits of your own date of birth.

06. 30. 2015. => 0+6+3+0+2+0+1+5= 17

Keep on adding up the digits until you get a single-digit number:

1+7 = 8

This number is your Destiny Number that we talked about in detail in a previous article. You get the Age of Spiritual Maturity by subtracting the number you got above from 36.

36 – 8 = 28

So if you were born on 06.30.2015, you’ll reach spiritual maturity at age 28 and will start experiencing everything that has been impacting your life.

If you haven’t reached that age yet, you’re still in a learning phase. Only by reaching the Age of Spiritual Maturity will you start experiencing everything that impacts your life.

Why 36?

36 is the result of four cycles  4×9 = 36

By subtracting your Destiny Number from 36, you get three cycles of nine. In order to reach spiritual maturity you must experience the same energies three times: as a child, as an adolescent and as a young adult. In all cycles you’ll discover new sides of the current energies and by the time you reach the end of the last cycles of nine, you will have officially seen everything from life. That’s when real opportunities start to arise.

What happens when I reach
the age of spiritual maturity?

When you reach the Age of Spiritual Maturity, everything in your birth equation will start taking effect. Until then your soul will be at a preparation stage, waiting to reach the Age of Spiritual Maturity. When you do so, everything that can be calculated from your date of birth will be activated.