June Is The Month Of A New Dimension

Change charges ahead at light speed

Just like in a sci-fi movie when a spaceship switches to light speed and all the stars seem to be stretching past you through space. Whatever you’ve been asking for will appear in your life with the same force. You won’t even have time to ponder upon whether you wanted this specific thing or not or whether it appeared the way you wanted. Life will provide you with what you need the most in order to achieve your goals. Now you can’t pull on the handbrake, you can’t back out from the situation.

Certain events will carry you away like an avalanche. Let change enter your life and go with the flow. You’re done with all the preparations and have made a lot of effort in the past few months. All you need to do now is not to sabotage yourself. Don’t hinder the change that’s about to happen. You wouldn’t stop a rocket a few seconds after it was launched, would you?

You must defeat the forces
that are trying to hold you back

You need this powerful velocity to defeat the spiritual gravity stemming from you and your environment. On the one hand it makes no sense to set ambitious goals if all you do is drag yourself down. Oftentimes you’re the biggest obstacle in your own journey. On the other hand, it’s the petty people around you, who are trying to prevent you from doing something that exceeds their capabilities. When you try to bring down existing barriers, inner and external resistance will occur at the same time. It’s like the gravitational force of Earth that doesn’t let you leave the gravitational field of the planet until your spaceship reaches the required velocity.

Spiritual gravitation works in a very similar manner. You can’t surpass yourself and your environment spiritually until a specific change enters your life at a colossal speed, resulting in you taking a leap. This leap will be the result of a drastic change in your circumstances. First you’ll feel as if you’ve lost the ground from beneath your feet. Everything you thought stable will suddenly become unstable, while some of them will even vanish.

The foundations of a new reality are about to be laid

Once you’re over your initial shock, you’ll realize that perhaps one of the most amazing events of life has just happened to you, bringing the best thing into your life. Had this change not happened to you, perhaps you would have stayed with your peaceful, familiar, safe but unhappy life.