Your dreams will gain tremendous strength in the second week of April

In the week ahead you’ll feel as if you were in love. The object of your affection doesn’t have to be a human being. You’ll feel as if you were being run on an inner fire and you’ll know exactly why this fire keeps burning. Your dreams used to be no more than flickers in the beginning because you didn’t really believe in them. Now, however, the time has come for things to change within you and around you.

You’ll start believing in your dreams. You’ll start to feel that realizing your dreams is more important than living your life according to the expectations of others. Don’t feel guilty. It’s only natural to feel this way. Make space for your burning emotions and let these flames strengthen, inspiring you to take immediate actions. Deep down inside you know where you want to go and now you’ll get a tremendous power and courage to take the necessary steps.

If you take a look at the numerology formula of the week ahead, you’ll see what a large amount of support is headed your way

2  7   4   2
9      6

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The energy of the double number 6 will fuel the passion within you

Once this energy enters your life, you’ll have no other choice but to listen to your heart. The sound of your heart will be louder than the noise of the outside world. This energy will not allow you to let the expectations of others deter you from taking the necessary steps towards realizing your dreams. Your feelings will grow to the point that they might not let you sleep at night.

You’ll feel the urge to do something where you can invest your energies. If you can’t think of anything as of now, then write a list of your most important goals and see what you must do to make them come true. If you express your desire to realize these dreams, then the energies around you will spring into motion. 

The energy of the number 2 will help you make contact with the invisible helping forces

This energy is telling you not to expect help from the outside, but from within. Say what you’re dreaming of out loud and you’ll see that your spiritual helpers will jump to your aid; they can’t wait to see you live your life the way you want it. This energy binds you together with your higher self, with your consciousness at a higher level. It knows everything about you and it will provide you with constant guidance disguised as intuitions as long as you’re willing to be quiet and listen to them.

The energy of the number 11 will be like a rocket tied onto your back

The moment you feel brave enough to follow your dreams, you’ll feel as if a huge force were pushing you from behind; pushing you towards reaching your dreams. Perhaps it will all seem strange at first, but I’m asking you not to pull in the handbrake, but let this force guide you to a place where the dreams you’ve been nurturing have already been realized.

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The energy of the number 5 helps you get rid of the forces that are trying to hold you back

The moment you start utilizing the energy of your heart, there will be some people who will try to talk you out of your dreams. You can lose them by switching into high gear, by spending more time with tending to your dreams. Those who try to hold you back are harmless; they are only shadows that you must cast your light on so that they disperse. Don’t let them give you any alarm. Just ignore them and they’ll lose their grip on you. Everything that you want is ready to enter your life, so open the door and let them flow into your world.

You won’t be alone, because the energies will guide you through the intensive period of life

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