Number 8: It’s time to take courageous steps

The intuitive energies will remain incredibly intense the week ahead, so I suggest that you ward yourself spiritually to avoid the side effects of oversensitivity. The creative energies will intensify in the second part of the week, so make sure to work them of by exercising.

The three beneficial spiritual energies are still standing beside you, helping you to see the journey and your destination clearly, offering you light in the toughest moments. Although these energies are intensifying, they’ll still keep supporting you. Treading your spiritual path and noticing your awakening ambitions are getting center stage in your life this week.

The numeology formula of the energies of week 39

2  8   9   7
10     16

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The energies of the number 25 and the number 7 assure you that your life is headed in the right direction

The energy of the number 25 is sending you messages from the Divine Dimension, telling you that everything is going according to plan. You came up with the plan a long time ago and now you’re sending yourself messages about what steps to take. When you’re communicating with your Inner Guidance, you’re actually talking with your Divine Dimension. Your Divine Dimension knows exactly what to do to fulfill your mission and it’ll do everything in its power to help you succeed.

The energy of the number 7 supports you on an earthly level so that all the obstacles can be swept aside from your way. This energy helps you see the road clearly and it supports you in getting rid of everything you’ve been lugging around. Anything you might need along the way will pop up at the right time. There’s no need to pile up a stack of safety supplies; it’d only slow you down. Trust the guidance of your Divine Self and stop striving for maintaining a safety net.

The energy of the number 16 reveals the truth

Self-deception is a means to escape painful truths. The deeper you try to hide the truth, the more painful it’ll get when it resurfaces. If you’ve ever tried holding a beach ball under water, then you know how much energy you must exert to keep that thing down there. If you hide the truth even from yourself, it’ll act like that beach ball.

Soon the time will come when you no longer have the energy to hide the truth anymore, so all the beach balls you’ve been holding under water will bounce onto the surface at the same time, leaving you with no other options than to face them. This energy will help liberate you. The truth you must face might be painful, but it’ll relieve you from a huge burden: you’ll no longer have to lie to yourself and to others as well. This process is essential since it’ll allow you to concentrate all your efforts on discovering new energies and new spiritual paths.

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The energy of the number 26 brings you Divine Validation

Although you’ve felt the calling for a while and you’ve taken some steps in the proper direction, you still get discouraged from time to time when you start pondering whether you’re headed in the right direction. You’ll get the validation you need intuitively. If you meditate, you may get this validation while in a meditative state, or perhaps in your dreams. This message will fill you with confidence. It’ll tell you to trust yourself because your urges represent the messages of a higher dimension that can’t be expressed with words.

Oftentimes you have no idea where the calling is rooted, but it keeps getting stronger. Say your questions out loud so that your Inner Guidance can show you why your destination is important. Ask your Inner Guidance for validation. Be open and this validation will come to you. Perhaps it’s a book, a movie, or a lecture that’ll launch this process, but you’ll get the answers you’re seeking.

The energy of the number 8 helps you commit to reaching your goals

This energy helps you make your divine plan reality. It’ll appear as a seemingly unattainable goal that’s desirable enough for you to want to reach it. It’s like an exotic destination on your bucket list that compels you to learn as much about this place as possible.

And then one day you’ll buy a ticket on a whim and there’s no turning back from that point. You know you’ll eventually reach your goals, so take a decisive step to ensure that you won’t turn back halfway. Commit to attaining your goals and then move forward with your plan.

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