The master number 11 awakens tremendous power within you

The energy that brings creative powers is about to heighten this week, leaving you overwhelmed. Make sure to invest this energy in some creative task or to work out intensively so as not to let it blow up within you. The intuitive energies can help you in a creative way; they can show you what your next step should be. 

The energies that help you to keep your most important goals in mind and to stay on the path you’ve set out on continue to be at your service. If you need help, just ask the energies to show you the way. Ask them to remind you about your mission. The tremendous energies you’re getting this week provide new opportunities, so be goal-oriented and persistent.

The numerology formula of the energies of week 20

2 8   5   6
10     11

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The energy of the number 15 and 6 liberates the bound energies

Oftentimes you lock yourself up in an invisible cage by submitting yourself to the will of others, and thus you give up a part of or your entire personality. By doing so, you’re making it incredibly hard to escape certain situations. On the one hand, it’s your guilt that keeps you trapped; it’s the fear of saying ‘no’ to people. You’re afraid that you won’t get enough love and attention, and therefore you sell your soul to the devil.

This energy helps you to listen to your heart and to end your captivity. It’s like an ornate golden birdcage with its door open; it’s up to you when you fly away. Using the free will of your heart, the energy of the number 6 helps you escape the vicious cycle represented by the number 15. The devil seems dangerous only until you declare your intentions, and then it loses any power it’s had over you.

The energy of the number 11 awakens the tremendous power slumbering within you

Although you often suffer from a major lack of confidence, it’s just your fear of the tremendous power that’s slumbering within you. Acknowledging this power and liberating it comes with great responsibility. You already exercise this power whenever you subconsciously mobilize it, and it comes to your aid right away.

There’s no need for a crisis or a difficulty to become aware of your own power and to exercise it. Just ask for its help any given time or place and it will come to your aid. The incoming energy of the week helps you recognize and activate this power not only in times of need, but whenever you feel like it. By possessing this power, you may keep the negative powers at bay so you can protect yourself from attacks. You can also activate your creative power by shaping your thoughts into reality.

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The energy of the number 21 will help you step through the gate of your new world

A wonderful new life awaits on the other side of this gate. You were born to be part of these changes. Your new world is ready. The only question is if you’re ready to make it your own and populate it with your creative thoughts. The only thing that can limit you is your own mind. Take a deep breath and can blow the negative thoughts far-far away. You’ll realize that a miracle is about to be born in your life; it has already taken shape in your imagination.

Bring your imagination into the real world. All the tools are at your disposal, so just say the word and the process can begin. Say the following sentence out loud: “I want the images I see in my mind’s eye to come true”. The more specific you are, the faster they’ll become part of your life.

The energy of the number 3 helps you ground the energies of a higher level in the physical world

Everything you’ve imagined will be realized through your actions. This energy connects the spiritual to the physical, and therefore you can populate your reality with your spiritual energies. Focus on what you’re saying and doing. Whenever you say something out loud, write it down or draw it onto a piece of paper. By doing so, you’re bringing it closer to becoming reality in the physical world.

Soon you’ll be able to see images you’ve envisioned taking shape in the real world as the energy of the number 3 nurtures the seeds you’ve planted. Don’t forget that these budding seeds were planted a long time ago. Whatever you choose to plant in your mind now will be realized in the next cycle. Every conscious decision needs time to bear fruit. Accept what you’re about to get and then take it. Everything else takes time to blossom. Be patient and wait it out.

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