You’ll finally get everything from the Universe you’ve been asking for

The intense energies of this year will not be affected by the extremes of this week, but still, they’ll bring tension and hypersensitivity into your life in waves, sometimes at once. This should propel you to keep your vibration high consciously and prevent negative energies from taking control of you. If you know your goals and you work towards reaching them every single day, you can guide these energies to support you instead of working against you.

You can reap the benefits of your hard work this month or even this week. You’ll finally get everything you’ve been asking for as your endeavors come to fruition. The long wait has ended, YOU are responsible for YOUR life. If you realize that life is offering you something on a silver platter, then at least extend your arms to take it.

The numerology formula of the energies of week 10

2  8   3  6
1        9

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The energy of the number 1 doesn’t let you forget what this year is about

This year is about rebirth and new spiritual energies. You mustn’t sound the retreat when the brunt of the work is still ahead of you. This year is not about slothing around. Don’t forget that you’re laying the groundwork for the achievements of the next 9 years. Regardless of what you’re working on, don’t expect your endeavors to come to fruition if you just sit around with idle hands. This is the year of creative energies, so you must learn how to utilize them.

Learning occurs via repetition and practice, so no wonder this energy is not letting your attention dwindle, not even for a second. You must pick up the pace and accept that this is an intense period that demands your attention. The energy you’re investing will not go unnoticed, but the majority of the journey is still ahead. Remind yourself of your most important goals and boldest dreams and this energy will help you realize them all.

The energy of the number 10 will strengthen the abilities that are developing

The energy of the number 10 used to be associated with the wheel of fortune –  it was characterized by ups and downs. Your destiny is in your hands from this year on and you’re getting two wonderful abilities that can help you shape it: Inner Guidance and Conscious Creation. The two abilities come hand in hand and the most important task this year is to practice them both until they become part of your everyday life.

This energy will show you the importance of education and practice. You can read the forecasts without changing your attitude, sure, but that’s like leaving in a summer dress when he weather report is sending you a storm alert. The guidance of energies is only worth something if you adept to the changed circumstances and this is exactly why this energy will make your job much easier.

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The energy of the number 6 will confirm that you’re heading in the right direction

This energy supports the decisions you make from the heart, but you must trust your decisions. As long as you have a strong urge to see your decisions through, it’s easy to stick to your guns. Nevertheless, the moment your enthusiasm abates, the only thing you’ll have is your blood, sweat, and tears, which might curb your enthusiasm. This energy reminds you why you set out on this journey in the first place; you set out because this opportunity had made you happy.

The source of your initial joy and enthusiasm will re-emerge to validate your decisions. Whenever you feel that you’re not in the mood for your current tasks, just remind yourself why you set out in the first place. Seek the source of your enthusiasm within and validate it. Create some reason for happiness and success along the way. Regardless of how minor your achievements might be, stop for a second to celebrate yourself.

The number 9 helps you see the meaning of everything that is happening to you

This incoming energy encourages you to make some time for peaceful contemplation. By taking a few steps back, you’ll be able to see the wonderful painting that you’re working on. If you can’t see the meaning of your work, then you may have lost track of your goals. If you’ve lost your enthusiasm, then stop for a second and give yourself some alone-time to comprehend the job you’re doing.

By taking a step back, you’ll be able to view your achievements from a completely different angle. In order to do so, you need to take a step back and leave it alone for a while. Once you return to it, you’ll notice how wonderful it is and how much joy it has to offer. This, however, cannot happen on its own – only YOU can create the opportunity.

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