Number 7: You can finally find your new path

The intuitive energies of the year will intensify in the second part of the week, so be prepared to fortify yourself with spiritual protection to keep the negative energies out. In the meantime, the intensity of the creative energies that are making you tense will lessen and drop to a beneficial level. This is an incredibly intense week when it comes to finding your path and designating the new boundaries.

The need to designate your path and set out is getting stronger on the first day of the week. Don’t be alarmed, it’ll take no more than a day and it’ll probably give you a huge boost toward making up your mind.

The numerology formula of the energies of the number 29

2  8   7  8
10    15

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The energy of the number 7 steps into your life with a tremendous force so that it can make seemingly impossible goals possible

The path that the energy of the number 7 designates is not as distant and intangible as the energy of the number 8. It’s more tangible and common, but still, it can take you even farther. It can lead you to the future you’ve been dreaming of one step at a time; a future that used to seem distant and impossible. Although it requires you to be persistent and self-disciplined, it also offers a sense of security that you haven’t experienced in the past few months.

You’ve gotten used to rapid, unpredictable changes around you. Even though such events are necessary, they can also be quite traumatic. It’s time to let your circumstances stabilize and to foresee the events of your life again. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be any changes in the future. It means that you’ll be able to handle these subtle changes of direction much easier than before.

The energy of the number 17 and the number 8 helps you keep your faith and shows you the way

The energy of the number 17 confirms that the Guiding Star returns from time to time to tell you that you’re headed in the right direction. No wonder this number includes the vibrations of the number 7. This road, unlike the ones you’ve walked before, isn’t paved. It’s more like a meadow; once you start treading your own path, the Guiding Star will remind you of your destination.

Perhaps, you’ll take some minor detours, but if you look at the sky and find your Star, you’ll always know where you’re headed. Naturally, this sky is only symbolic and you need to seek it within rather than in the external world. If you take a look inside, you’ll understand that your Inner Guidance, your Guiding Star, will never lead you astray. The energy of the Guiding Star will lead you to the distant future of your goals, represented by the energy of the number 8. If you believe in yourself and in your aspirations, you’ll always know which direction to take without getting lost.

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The energy of the number 15 frees you from all the forces that are trying to hold you back.

Don’t wait for the shackles to fall on their own. Try to find out who and what is holding you captive and make a conscious decision to leave them behind. The energy of the number 7 is telling you to head out and to leave behind the people that aren’t walking the same path. 

You can’t wait around forever or stunt your own growth because you don’t want to hurt others. In the past few months, you’ve had enough time to witness your feelings telling you what’s right and what’s wrong. You know perfectly well what I’m talking about. It’s time to take a conscious decision and leave behind all the things that are dragging you down. Don’t worry, the energy of the number 7 will help you get through this process.

The energy of the number 25 points out that besides your earthly journey, you’re also walking a spiritual one

The Divine Path you had assigned for yourself before you were born is the heavenly equivalent of your earthly journey. There is a spiritual path that manifests as a challenge in your earthly life. You must know that the calling you feel to set off is part of your plan and your spiritual journey. Instead of starting to doubt your feelings, ask yourself some honest questions and your feelings will give you the answer.

You’ve been invited on a journey to find a heavenly path with the power of your faith. The earthly and heavenly roads will eventually converge. Don’t be alarmed if you realize that the Divine Dimension is shielded from your eyes. You need to head out and find it on your own. The only thing you can do is believe in it so strongly that you can follow its calling. Naturally, it requires tremendous courage on your end to go after a calling that has no tangible proof. Still, the events of your life can confirm that you’re on the right track.

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