You can expect to have extreme mood-swings this week

The intensity of the energies of the year comes in waves this week, which means that you can expect to have mood-swings and feel oversensitive in the next seven days. The intuitive energies will continue to be exceptionally fierce, so it’d probably be a good idea to form a protective spiritual bubble around yourself. Envision yourself being surrounded by it, keeping all the negative energies out.

Please understand that this process is essential. You have to learn how to differentiate between the feelings caused by the emotional state of others and the intuitive guidance that comes from within. You have to make an important decision this week, in which your dreams, intuitions, and your common sense will play a huge part. You’ll have to utilize these three abilities together and put your new spiritual energies to work to find balance in all ares of your life.

The numerology formula of the energies of week 6

2   8   2   6
1        8

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Even though the number 2 makes you sensitive, it also brings you clarity

You experience the intuitive energy of the number 2 very intensely this year and especially intensely this month. All that avalanche of emotions, yours and those of other people, will be unbearable at first. Since you’re like a sensitive radio antennae, you must learn how to tune into the frequency of guidance and shut out the emotional storm of others.

At first, it will be immensely difficult to differentiate between the two. If you want to keep out all the external influences, say: “I don’t want to feel what others are feeling”. When you want to feel what others do, you must open up yourself consciously by saying: “I want to feel what the person is feeling.” You need to learn how to turn this ability of yours on and off if you want to retain your sanity.

The number 6 helps you recognize your dreams and gives you guidance

Your dreams will ignite emotions within you; emotions similar to being in love. The only thing that you’ll be thinking of is yearning to make your dreams come true. You must pay heed to those wishes that keep coming back, leaving you restless. These wishes are callings that will take you on new journeys.

If you accept the challenge and spring into action, you’ll get all the help you need to reach your goals. Your wishes are the most intense guidance you can get. Every strong desire is a milestone on the side of the road, signaling that you’re going in the right direction; overlook them, and your life will be unhappy. Keep in mind that the key to happiness is to have dreams that you want to fulfill.

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The number 8 helps you think in a mature and conscious way and shows you how to make decisions accordingly

The energy of this year speaks of reaching adulthood in the spiritual sense. The energy of the number 8 confirms that you’re ready to have more freedom and take on more responsibility spiritually. The number 8 is there in the energy of the year – just add up the number 17 in the last two digits of the year 2017. Having to experience this energy is a recurrent theme in your life because it helps you notice what practical steps to take to realize your dreams.

The energy of the number 8 teaches you how to take assertive actions. This energy will protect you from dangerous situations by revealing the real side of things. Although its important to live in accordane with the wishes of your heart, it’s also important to be able to face reality no matter how painful it may be. Follow your heart’s desire when making decisions and keep the facts in mind, and thus nothing harmful can come your way.

The energy of the number 9 helps you see the events from a higher perspective

This energy will guide you through the details and your feelings. It also helps you view your life from a healthy distance, where you’ll be able to see the corelations that you’d otherwise ignore. Perhaps a certain decision will make your life more difficult at first, but the energy of the number 9 will help you see the big picture. As a result, your life will become happier in the long run even if it means that you have to sacrifice things for now.

The energy of the number 9 is an energy of the highest vibration that offers you protection. Don’t be afraid of being alone because you never are; you’re surrounded by spiritual helpers who know your intentions and are determined to help you realize them. If you need any help, just say your wish out loud and know that it’s being granted.

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