The Year 2016 will introduce the energy of the highest spiritual vibration into your life

An incredibly intensive energy wave will arrive into your life, and will stay with you all year long, helping you get rid of all the burdens, fears, and pains that are holding you back from being able to soar like an angel. This energy wave will make sure that nothing stands in the way of even the boldest of your dreams.

Your spiritual growth as well as your life will arrive at a turning point in the year 2016, as a long, 9-year cycle has come to an end. This period was demanding, but it brought about a huge growth in your life. You often felt that you were making no progress, no steps forward, but the truth is that you were, actually.

A deep inner transformation that has undergone within you in the past few years is about to pay off

All of a sudden, your endurance and persistence will pay off. The pain and suffering you had to experience made no sense at first, but now you know that it all happened so as to prepare you for this moment.

The number of the year 2016 is the number 9, which will bring the spiritual energy of the highest vibration into your life. Now you’ll understand the meaning behind everything that’s happened to you. You’ll gain strength from your past so that you can finally build a life you can shape.

Never again will you have to feel that you’re at the mercy of your circumstances

You’ll be bursting with strength and wisdom, which is necessary if you want to overcome the upcoming challenges. Never again will you have to wait on others, because you’ll have the power, the will, and the ability to move forward even when everyone else is lagging behind you.

You can no longer wait on others who don’t wish to soar with you. You need to let go of those who can’t lift you up, and you need to let those in who love and support you; those who inspire you. Believe me when I say that your helpers are by your side: some of them in this world while others walk by your side, invisible, helping you spiritually. 

You need to trust your inner voice, your Inner Guidance, that is working on helping you every single day

In the year 2016 you’ll have to cooperate with the energy of your Inner Guidance, which knows exactly what you need to do in order to make you aware that your life is on the right track. As the first step I will create your personally numerology forecast for 2016 based on your date of birth. This numerology reading will show your spiritual mission in 2016 and will give you a practical guide for the next twelve month ahead.

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