The 9:9:9 Dimension Gate opens in the first week of September

The month of September brings the energy of the highest vibration of 2016 into your life, fulfilling the highest level of spiritual teachings. The number of this year, the number 9, will appear three times more dominantly this month, launching you higher physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You’ll be feeling as if you were floating ten inches above the ground. Don’t be alarmed if suddenly everything starts to seem distant and insignificant.

This transformation has been brought about by an exceptional energy. Once this energy has lifted you to a new level, all the symptoms will subside. There are people and situations you’re yearning to leave behind for good as the discrepancy between your energy and theirs have become insurmountable.  You won’t be able to tolerate the proximity of people with such a low level of vibration anymore. Pay heed to your feelings and trust them when they tell you that you don’t belong somewhere or with someone. Take actions in line with your feelings, and don’t try to contradict them.

The numbers of the first week of September show you the incoming energies that are about to enter your life

2  7   9   5
9       14

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The energy of the triple number 5 brings about an incredibly fast paced change

The energy of the number 5 is beneficial and transformative. This energy moves and acts exceptionally fast, leaving transformation in its wake. Perhaps something will prompt you to take action. You may start craving the company of people you’ve never thought you would, you might want to travel to places that have never even been on your Bucket List, or maybe the cards life deals you will force you to make some beneficial changes.

The bottom line is that you must be brave and open to everything that’s happening around you. Accept the unexpected challenges even if they make you feel as if you’d lost the ground from beneath your feet. At first it might seem as if things had turned worse, but remember that things might not be what they seem at first. Every puzzle piece will eventually fall into place. Let the energies surprise you and don’t try to hold on to anything or get bogged down by them because the current events are final.

The energy of the double number 14 lifts you onto the next level of your personal growth

The presence of the energy of the number 14 ensures that all the current happenings will have a positive impact on your life. Wherever this energy appears, growth and development ensues. Regardless of where you’re at in your life or what problems you may be facing, the incoming energy that’s about to enter your life will lift you up, leaving you feeling as if the problem had never even existed in the first place. You’ll end up finding a new solution that has never occurred to you before.

There are situations in life that can only be resolved if you step onto the next level, where the problem simply loses its relevance. Step into the elevator, move one level higher, and rest assured that everything will be clear. If you’ve been surrounded by dark clouds, then you’ll be viewing them from above as the sun comes out and shines bright around you once again. The incoming energy is the elevator of your life. All you have to do is let it lift you up.

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The double number 9 endows you with tremendous wisdom

The energy of the number 9 brings you understanding and insight. Now you’ll understand why things have happened the way they have lately. One of the basic spiritual foundations of your life is that “nothing is what it seems”. You’ll realize that the things that once seemed bad, may have actually brought positivity into your life, while the things that you deemed as beneficial, may have actually been holding you back. Let the wisdom of insight and understanding step into your life and shine light on the real side of things. 

Every single situation that your wisdom helps you understand entails a huge personal growth. Never again will you make the same mistake, as you’ll see the previously unseen correlations from a higher perspective. One of the gifts of wisdom is that you can shed your karmic burdens. The incoming energies are giving you the gift of understanding and once you grasp the meaning of this message, the burdens will no longer pull you down.

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