In the second week of October you can see your future

It’s time to seek new beginnings and opportunities within yourself. You’re charged with many yet unknown spiritual energies, which can help and support you if you tune into them. You’ll be getting a bunch of intuitive guidance and ideas, and as you start taking them more seriously, they’ll become your spiritual masters, giving you lessons to learn. By making these lessons your own, they’ll help you discover more and more of the yet unknown energies.

Don’t be intimidated by the challenges; don’t say no. Pay attention instead. The numerous tasks coming right at you one after another will be serving your growth and your fulfillment. In a short period of time, you’ll be learning more than ever before. Be open and get ready to accept the lessons that prepare the emergence of your new abilities, and thus you’ll be able to face future challenges much more easily.

The numbers of the second week of October reveal your incoming energies

2   7    1    1
9         2

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The double number 10 brings you a higher level of learning and self awareness

This energy draws attention to areas that have been unknown to you. This energy has returned to your life because you’ve been under an extensive retuning process that makes it necessary for you to see what has changed within you and around you. The energy of the number 10 is a powerful spiritual teacher that appears when you’re ready to step onto the next level of your growth. The tasks you’re getting might be tough, but you’ll be able to handle them with ease.

The lessons you’re getting are spiritual gifts, and if you accept them, the door to a brand new world will open. Get ready to learn! Start the tuning process by taking a look inward and asking yourself the following question: “What should I learn in order for the transformation I’ve been waiting for to start?” Pay attention to the things that pique your interest and follow your passion to find guidance. Be open to opportunities you would have rejected in the past.

The double number 11 activates new powers within you

This energy is endowing you with inner wisdom, confidence, and the ability to shape your destiny consciously, and it is activated by your intuitions. The moment you get inspired to do something and decide to take action, this energy will be right by your side, smoothing the bumpy road ahead. If you wish to achieve something, all you have to do is really want it, and this energy will support you 100%.

It’s as if the entire Universe had come together to help you realize your dreams, which is exactly what will happen whether you believe it or not. Once you get a taste of the new way your energies operate, the word “impossible” will vanish from your vocabulary. Put yourself and the power within you to the test and you’ll see that you’re capable of anything. All you have to do is express your intentions and the energies will support you in your endeavors.

The energy of the double number 2 showers you with guidance

By the impact of the energies of the number 2, your precognitive abilities will heighten, leaving you with a strange feeling. However, once you get used to it, you’ll start taking this guidance seriously, as if a tiny creature was constantly whispering into your ears, telling you what to do. Although this ability has always been in your life, now it’s about to get much more heightened.

If you focus on yourself and accept the guidance you’re given, soon you’ll see that life will get much easier. You won’t believe how you used to be able to live your life without this guidance. The more familar you get with its presence, the more precise, clear and practical its message will feel. At the peak of this ability, you’ll be able to ask questions and receive answers, allowing divine inspiration to become a two-way communication.

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