The angels will listen all your wishes in the fourth week of October

The energies of the week ahead are teaching you a lesson by revealing how the transformation of your life will pan out. You can no longer expect divine powers to shower you with presents unless you visualize your dreams. You need to learn to project, validate, and truly want everything you’re dreaming of. Once you do so, all your wishes will be heard and you’ll be getting guidance for the next steps.

Sitting around with idle hands is no longer an option. The only way you can receive the presents the Universe has to offer, is if you keep on working hard. Send out your request and the Universe will set the energies into motion. Then, once you make all the necessary steps, you can get them to start working. If you receive this creative power as an open channel, you’ll be able to transform it into tangible results. Don’t expect to get anything ready-made, especially since from now on you’ll be taking part in creation. The moment you comprehend this idea, miracles will abound in your life.

The numbers of the fourth week of October reveal your incoming energies

2    7    1   6
9       7

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The energy of the number 24 strengthens the creative power of your imagination

This energy will help you experience the tremendous power of your imagination and the vast impact you can make if you project your dreams and needs. If you envision yourself realizing your dreams frequently, you’ll be able to utilize your creative powers better and it’ll take less time to make all your wishes come true.

First you must see and believe everything you’re meaning to achieve. The more intensive your fantasies are, the stronger your creative powers will get. Strengthen your fantasies by writing or sketching them out on a piece of paper, and thus you’ll be bringing them to life with the help of your creative powers.

The double number 16 helps you see that your destiny can’t be shaped by external factors

The energy of the number 16 shatters all the false expectations and ideas you’ve had. If you believe that your life is controlled by external powers, you’ll change your mind soon. The moment you try to hold on to previous expectations, they’ll turn to smoke right in front of your eyes. Conscious creation is a job you must do together with the Universe.

You need to make sure that you put in the effort. Nothing will happen if you sit around with idle hands. You must get up and accept the risk your actions entail. Your imagination and your actions take a leading role in your life now. You can validate the faith you put into your dreams by doing everything you can to make them come true.

The triple number 7 reveals your unique ability to shape your destiny

The energy of the number 7:7:7 pops up several times this year, and every single time it’s driven by the same mission: to show you that you’re able to shape your own destiny.  You’ll need all the abilities mentioned above to achieve this since there’s no longer an external power to tell you what to do. You need to envision where you’re headed and take all the necessary steps.

The energy of the number 7, will be there with you every step of the way, shaping your destiny. It’ll support the responsibility you’ve accepted for taking control over your life. The moment you do so without trying to get out of the responsibility, you’ll get all the assistance you need to lead a happy life.

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