The last week of november helps you open up for the energies of 2017

The transformative and liberating process that the energies have been working on will be completed this week. By their impact, you will start experiencing the effect of the new spiritual abilities that will blossom in 2017. The sum of these new abilities is an intuitive inner-communication with your energies. This is what we call Inner Guidance and the work you accomplish together is the ability of co-creation that will allow you to have control over your life as a whole.

The process you’re a part of is the first step towards becoming an adult in the spiritual sense. You’ve been living within the constraints of a tight net of spiritual laws because you haven’t been ready to command more powerful forces. From now on, however, you’ll be given more liberty and thus you’ll be able to create more and more things on your own. Your wishes and dreams will show you the direction and point out what you must do to shape your life in a way that it brings joy and fulfillment. It’s up to you what you end up doing with your newborn freedom.

The numbers of the fifth week of November reveal the incoming energies

2   7  2   1

9        3

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The energy of the double number 3 helps you open up so that you can welcome the new incoming spiritual energies

Now that you’re cleansed and you’re free of the burdens you’ve been carrying, it’s time to open up and welcome the spark of a new spiritual energy. It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit empty and helpless, so don’t strive to fill this emptiness at all costs.

Stay open as the incoming energies will top up your shiny, spiritual goblet. After feeling empty and being permeated by the incoming energies, you’ll be filled with warmth and light. You’ll feel your life gradually filling up with color. As a powerful flame starts burning within you, you’ll be confident and strong. You must keep kindling this flame until it grows into something indestructible. 

By the impact of the energies of the number 12 and 21, you’ll be connecting to the light that’s being born within you

You’re getting the energy of the number 12 so that you can turn your attention inward and focus on the light that’s burning inside you, instead of watching the events of the outside world unfold. With the help of your dreams and wishes, this flame is giving you guidance, telling you where your life will be heading in the following years. This is a brand new and unusual experience, and therefore it’s perfectly normal if you don’t understand what’s happening inside you.

The energy of the number 21 is telling you that your gift has arrived. All you have to do is strengthen the light that has helped this gift come alive and it will shine through you. All your opportunities start within you. You can go ahead and spend your time searching for them in the outside world, but you won’t find them. Seek guidance within and you’ll get everything you’ve ever wanted. Life loves and supports you and soon you’ll get a chance to experience it all.

The energies of the number 10 and the number 1 will bring the buds of the new spiritual energies into your life

You’re getting these energies so that they can prepare you for your rebirth in the next year. This new energy has officially arrived and has begun seeking a place in your life. Even if you know nothing about it yet, you mustn’t fall into despair. You’ll have plenty of time and opportunity to make friends with it.

The number 10 brings new spiritual energies into your life, arriving together with the new incoming energies. The number 1 brings about the beginning of a new life and a new era. Magical things await you, and you’ll be able to see them with your very own eyes.

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