Incredibly high vibration will recharge you in the second week of November

The energy of the number 9:9:9 dimension gate will strengthen for the umpteenth time in the week ahead. The number 9:9:9 dimension gate opened up this past September and brought the spiritual vibration of the highest level to lift you up and prepare you for the energies of rebirth arriving in 2017. The spiritual events that await you in the following year will compel you to charge yourself with energy.

The incoming energies of the week will continue the work they started in September to wash the dirt of the past off you; to free you of burdens, pains, and fears since their low vibrations wouldn’t allow you to welcome the energies that bring about an amazing transformation next year. Focus on turning inward in the week ahead, and strengthen your inner wisdom. It would be immensely beneficial if you could spare the time to exclude the outside world and focus on yourself. You don’t need to become a total recluse, but try to make time for yourself.

The numbers of the second week of November reveal the incoming energies

2  7   2  7

9       9

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The energy of the double number 27 helps you understand how important of a mission your life is fulfilling

You’ll rarely get the opportunity to immerse in yourself and see beyond the routine, and notice the things that are truly important. You were born with a specific mission and when you become conscious of it, your life will equilibrate as you’ll have understood the effect your deeds can have on the world around you. By the impact of this unique energy, you’ll feel as if you’ve taken a step back and seen the events of your life from an angle that used to be hidden from you. This feeling fills you with peace and tranquility.

The effect of the double 2 is right there within the double number 27, making you deeply intuitive. You’ll become sensitive to your inner messages and will begin to hear the voice of your Inner Guidance that helps you with every step you take. If you make a connection with these messages, you’ll no longer want the advice of others. Instead, you’ll turn to the source itself, where you’ll be welcomed with love, deep understanding and acceptance.

Just like the double number 2, the energy of the double 7 is also right there within the double number 27, compelling you to see the meaning of your life and to let go of whatever is meaningless. By the impact of this energy, all the roles you’ve been playing will come crumbling down, allowing for your self-awareness and confidence to blossom. You may get a glimpse of a new you living without masks and the compulsion to conform, which will you make you feel of joyful and fulfilled.

The triple number 9 helps you raise your spiritual vibrations 

This energy is one of the most crucial things to impact your life this year. It will return over and over again to cleanse you and to help you keep away from things that are trying to drain you and drag you down. You feel a strong urge to head out towards a well-defined goal. You know that you’re headed in the right direction and that everything is good as it is. You’re grateful for being here because you see and feel how important of an era you live in here on Earth; a time when transformations of the highest spiritual vibration are coming about.

The number 18, the center of all the happenings, helps you get rid of forces that are trying to drag you down

The energy of the number 18 is encouraging you to follow the path even if you don’t know where it leads. You can hear its calling, you know you have to keep on moving, but there’s a huge possibility that you’re still a bit scared, pondering whether you’re on the right track or not; thinking that you might only be fooling yourself.

There’ll be some people who’ll try to make you doubt yourself. They’re the ones who strive to dissuade you from your plans instead of encouraging you to keep on moving forward. On the other hand, those people who encourage you will be your helpers. With them by your side, you’ll be bursting with confidence. Don’t accept any advice from those who are only trying to scare you off. Seek the company of those people who ooze inspiring energies since they will be the ones you can count on when times get tough.   

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