Encompassed by your Angelic Protection, a beneficial change awaits you in the first week of November

An incredibly swift change is about to disrupt an area of your life where change can’t come soon enough. At first you’ll be feeling as if your world had been turned upside down, but fret not! This current incoming energy has come with good intentions, and it won’t do anything that might move your life in the wrong direction. This assistance you’re getting will help you make some changes that you wouldn’t be able to make on your own.

The incoming energies will knock you out of your balanced state so that routine can no longer stand in the way of new opportunities. You may have gotten stuck in a certain area of your life even though you should be much further along in your growth process by now. Therefore, in the wake of this change, your life will take a long-awaited step forward, allowing you to overcome an impasse and to find your balance again.

The numbers of the first week of November reveal your incoming energies

The unique aspect of the first week of the month is that it starts with the last day of the previous month. This, however, doesn’t have an impact on the effect of the incoming energies.

2  7  1  4
9    5

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The energy of the double number 5 liberates you from a situation in which change has been a long-awaited addition

The beneficial transformative energy of the number 5 is swift and unexpected, which can be terrifying, even of it brings about some necessary changes. This energy is here to help you in situations where transformation would be hard to launch or to experience.

The energy of the number 5 puts an end to something, but it can also bring something new into your life, and therefore you cannot stay still. It will compel you to act swiftly to make sure that this change can finally commence. Don’t be afraid. Every single challenge that pops up, will bring a solution along. It can wreak havoc in your life for a while, but eventually, it will lead you to resolving the situation.

The energy of the double number 14 puts you under the wings of your Angelic Protection

The energy of the number 14 means that you won’t be alone in this time of change. The presence of Angelic Energies means that the change that awaits you is necessary and unavoidable. It’s a part of your life-plan. The only way to receive the strongest protection possible is to go with the flow. You won’t have time to explore potential outcomes as things will happen so fast that by the time you realize what has happened, change will have already taken place.

The presence of this energy will be like a spiritual painkiller, so have faith in it and accept this unexpected helping hand. Perhaps things seem hopeless, but you’ll see that help can come from the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times.

The energy of the number 4 helps you find the balance you’ve lost

The energy of this number will bring quick stability. One moment everything will seem uncertain, then you’ll stumble upon the solution. This temporary chaos that has unhinged your life will pass just as fast as it appeared in the first place. The goal is to find your balance again as soon as possible in this new situation.

The incoming energy of the week brings about the opportunity to lay the problematic areas of your life on brand new foundations. It’ll help you find a way out of the cycle of problems, making you confident in the process. In the end, you’ll be grateful for the unexpected events that have changed your life better.

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