What will the Ten Million Fold Day of May bring you?

Ten Million Fold Day is an extraordinary energy-alignment that is activated four times a year, but arrives in the company of different energies each time, impacting a different area of your life. The second Ten Million Fold Day is on Saturday, May 21.

The energy of the Ten Million Fold Day strengthens the power of all your thoughts ten million fold.

Therefore, it is imperative that you pay attention to the things you brood over as these are the thoughts that will get strengthened. Strive to focus on the positive aspect of life that day.

Instead of mulling over the things you don’t want, focus on the things you do want to achieve. Support your most precious dreams with energy. Pamper the ones that you’re eager to realize since the Ten-Million-Fold creative power will support its realization with tremendous energy.

Here is the numerology formula for the energy of Ten Million Fold Day

2  7   5   3
9       8

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Now all your dreams may come true

The most extraordinary power of the day is provided by the number 21, which carries the energy of fulfillment within. By the impact of this energy, your wishes will keep getting stronger since everything you launch under the influence of the number 21 is destined to succeed.

This doesn’t mean that you can sit around with idle hands, doing nothing to realize your dreams. However, if you choose to take action, the energies will line up beside you and will support you. Be incredibly generous with yourself and envision yourself the way you’ve always wanted to. Envision yourself among people who love and support you. Feel strong and confident, and the energy of the number 21 will help you strengthen this thought.

Everything you’ve been working for will come to fruition now 

If we add up the digits of the number 21, we get the number 3. The number 3 brings about Abundance and the fruition of your hard work. The number 3 is the symbol of realization and fulfillment. Whatever you may have launched in your life this year, it has become fully ripened by the impact of this fantastic energy. 

This incoming creative energy will help you achieve everything you’ve been working for. The number 8 of this year has given you tremendous momentum and has made it possible to realize dreams that used to seem impossible. The four Ten Million Fold Days of this year strengthen this energy.

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Put your goals into words and envision them as if they have already been realized.

The number 8 represents an incredibly powerful energy that’s responsible for your growth. You can only grow if you keep wishing for things that you haven’t achieved yet, but can achieve with hard work. Everything that you empower with the help of your imagination will strengthen around you. The number 8 is also the symbol of eternity, which symbolizes the creative power within you, telling you that you can achieve anything you dare to imagine. Be brave and envision things that you never had the courage to imagine. If you’re willing to believe, the energy of this day will strengthen this vision and thus the energies will work on realizing everything you’ve been dreaming of. 

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