The energies brings you spiritual gifts in the second week of June

A tremendous change has begun in your life this moth. A part of this change is to free the unique opportunities within you. The dreams that will awaken now are dreams that were not able to surface in the past as they had been locked up. Now, however, the time is ripe to accept your presents from life and begin a new chapter.

The Dimension Gate that’s opened its doors this month will get validation this upcoming Wednesday (06.15.2016). The energies of the month of June that are flowing into your life, will help you free yourself from any responsibilities you may have. Whatever it is that you think you’re responsible for but you’d rather leave behind will get validation. If there’s  something that must go, then the second wave of this energy will help you part with it painlessly.

The numerology formula for the second week of June is the following:

2  7   6    4
9        1

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The number 13 opens the door that leads you to a new chapter of your life

The time has come to say goodbye. Some things in your life have been meaning to bid you farewell as they have fulfilled their mission, they’re only waiting for you to send them on their way. Thanks to the incoming energies, it’ll be much easier for you to part with things than ever before. Perhaps only a week ago, this decision would have seemed impossible, however now you see no other choice but to step through the door and start a brand new life.

There’s nothing that would make you weep at parting. It’ll feel natural to watch these things leave your life, making space to whatever is to come. It’s like spring cleaning. Every single step you take carry tremendous powers that can help you free yourself. By doing so, you’ll be able leave the past behind and you make your way towards a new direction, a new future.

The double number 10 brings you exciting presents

This period of your life is about spiritual gifts. You already received such gifts in the previous month and this month will be no exception. You receive these gifts whenever you make an effort to transform yourself. Once you open up and let go of the old, the new will immediately start flowing into your life, endowing you with special abilities.

These special abilities make you feel confident and resilient to the difficulties life throws your way. Resistance doesn’t mean that you keep out change, but that you resist losing your balance and you keep your inner peace regardless of what should happen within you or around you. You might need to make an effort to attain these new abilities. Don’t just sit around with idle hands.

This gift is an opportunity just like the Excalibur, a sword with magical powers, that you need to pull out of the rock at the right time. Neither before, nor after will this energy be available to you. You must act at the right moment to gain access to your gifts.

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The double number 1 brings exciting energies into your new life

In order for a new chapter to begin, you always need a huge jolt of energy to lift your own vibrations to the next level. It’s always the transitional phase between levels that requires the biggest effort, which the incoming energies support.

You can’t just switch at any given time, but if you start working on it at the right moment, this change will go down smoothly. Whatever opportunity may be spreading its wings in front of you, just grab it with two hands and let it transport you to the next level. Whatever may happen, remember that it was you who planned and created this opportunity. If you say no to it, it’ll be like saying no to yourself.

Be open and accept change as if a wiser you would be giving it to you as a precious gift. Spot the energies of endless love within you that will take you by the arms, lifting you higher and higher.

Are you ready for the huge changes are coming to your life in the next 3 months?

The energies of the next months brings you very quick and sudden changes. You’ll feel yourself on an emotion roller coaster. Don’t be afraid you won’t be alone. I make you sure that anything is coming brings you goodness, happiness and abundance in the long term. But you have to be prepared.

If you face the energies of this period without proper preparedness you’ll feel your life is turning upside down. If you stay with me you don’t have to worry about anything.  As a first step I will prepare your numerology forecast for next 3 months based on your date of birth. With the help of this forecast I’ll show you the energies around you and their impacts to your life at this very moment and in the future.

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