The Energies of Healing and Abundance arriving in the third week of June

Healing energies are arriving into your life this week. You’re getting these energies so that your old wounds that have been causing you so much suffering can finally heal.

If you’ve been carrying pain, difficulties, or bitter memories from the past, now you can ask for these wounds to heal and for your pain to subside. These energies can do nothing unless you contribute to change. Although they can see in which area you need change and cleansing, your pains might worsen in the process temporarily. But don’t be alarmed: this is no more than a warning sign, telling you that the time has come to ask for healing

The moment you express your pure intentions you’ll start feeling better. Don’t despair if long-forgotten problems start surfacing. This is a natural part of the cleansing process and if you don’t refuse change, soon you’ll feel relieved and completely healed in every aspect. The bottom line is that you mustn’t be afraid of anything that is about to happen.

This week the energy of the 6:6:6 Dimension Gate is getting validation for the third time

06.24, 2016: the retuning-process will come to a close on Friday, brought about by this energy gate in the year 2016. This, however, doesn’t mean that the impact of the energy will disappear. To the contrary. Observe your desires because they’ll show you a new, unknown direction, one that you have never even considered. 

The numerology formula for the third week of June is the following:

2   7  6   2
9       8

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The number 20 brings you revelation and healing 

This energy will help you get out of the rut and will free you up from the grasp of energies that have been dragging you down. An incredibly powerful magnetic force is drawing you closer and closer. Unless you resist this change, this force will lift you up from your stifling environment so as to facilitate your healing. As a consequence, there’ll be some people that you’ll feel detached from and won’t desire their company.

Don’t be afraid. All the change you’re experiencing will benefit your healing process. Don’t cling to things. Just let this incoming energy do its job.

The double number 8 fills all the cleansed areas within you and around you with life and abundance

This energy guides you towards new goals and new opportunities. As a consequence of being cleansed, there’ll be a vacuum around you that you’ll need to fill. The last activation of the 6:6:6 energy on June 24 will be there to serve this purpose. The number 6 and the number 8 are seemingly opposing energies since the number 6 focuses on the desires of your heart while the number 8 is an incredibly practical and goal-oriented energy.

The balance of the two results in the miracle that is about to enfold in front of your eyes this week. The only way your dreams can become reality is if you’re willing to work for them. The number 8 will give you the power you need to realize even your wildest ideas. But you must do everything you can to achieve them. 

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The energy of the number 17 reminds you of your guiding star that you always carry within you

The energy of this number is a beacon in the toughest moments, telling you not to lose faith, but to persevere even if positive change seems inconceivable. Remind yourself of what is truly valuable. Think of the times you felt successful, happy, and satisfied.

Happiness can be achieved if you’re able to be yourself completely, regardless of the expectations of others. The number 7 present in the number 17 refers to the earthly mission only you can accomplish. Fulfilling this mission brings the biggest joy and satisfaction into your life.

Are you ready for the huge changes are coming to your life in the next 3 months?

The energies of the next months brings you very quick and sudden changes. You’ll feel yourself on an emotion roller coaster. Don’t be afraid you won’t be alone. I make you sure that anything is coming brings you goodness, happiness and abundance in the long term. But you have to be prepared.

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