The angels will take you under their wings in the second week of July

The incoming energies of this week will bring confirmation of the incredibly intensive spiritual energies of the year 2016 and will give you a taste of the spiritual, transformative power of the number 9:9:9 Energy Gate opening in September. The unbelievable transformation that began last week will continue this week as well. By the impact of your increased vibration, you’ll have to view your life from a very high perspective spiritually, and re-evaluate your Destiny. 

It’ll feel as if the incoming energies have taken you on a ride, flying high above, revealing your life from a yet unseen perspective. Make sure you have enough time to be alone so that you can reflect on the important areas of your life and notice the special path you’re walking on.

This extraordinary period brings about an unique turning point in your life as now you get to write a new Fate for yourself with the help of the incoming energies and your angelic support. All you need to do is to make a conscious decision to grow and you’ll move to higher level of spiritual vibration. This is the gift of the Universe to you. If you’re willing to accept it, I can assure you that you’re ready to take this step, otherwise you would not have been able to hear this message.

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The numerology formula of the second week of July will show you what energies are about to enter into your life

2  7   7  2
9       9

The energy of the triple number 9 will bring you the messages of the Angels

The energy of the number 9 will bring the highest level of spiritual vibration into your life. This energy will prepare you for the opening of the number 9:9:9 Dimension Gate in September, which will bring even more intensive changes into your life. The energy of the number 9 is asking you to mind only yourself. Do breathing exercises on a daily basis that will help you attune to the energies of your soul.

The only way you’ll get to hear the messages of the angelic energies around you is if you’re in harmony with yourself. The angels communicate with you using the language of your soul, therefore, the more time you spend on quieting yourself and looking inward, the clearer their message will be. The incoming message speaks about the new life racing towards you with the speed of light. Be ready to leave the past behind since the only way the energy of this new, incoming life can enter yours is if all the things currently occupying it disappear.

The energy of the number 18 is telling you to ignore your fears

The things happening to you now have started transforming your entire reality, which might feel overwhelming. This transformative energy can only enter your life to help you if you accept it with open arms. Only your fears can keep you locked away from it. Listen to the incoming energies telling you to stand up and move along even if you feel that you’re paralyzed by fear.

You have nothing to fear since your fears are no more than the impact your past experiences have left on your present. The new life that awaits you isn’t connected to the past whatsoever. The only thing that matters is the decisions you’re making HERE AND NOW. The incoming energies are asking you to discard the past and leave it behind. So please say the following out loud: “I’m letting go of the old and I’m becoming open to the new”

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The energies of the number 2 and the number 11 are telling you that help and strength comes from within

You already received a huge chunk of this energy last week, so now it’s time to trust your intuitions. The moment you quiet yourself and start communicating with the angelic forces around you, you’ll notice that an unbelievable energy will awaken within you, helping you rise above any hardships.

The double number 2 that frames weekly energies is like your pair of spiritual ears that help you hear the constant song of angelic energies telling you that the time has come. All you need to do is grab their hands and they’ll lead you. Whatever you may wish for, together you can make it true. A new consciousness has started awakening within you, but the only way to stabilize it is to cooperate with angelic forces. This connection will be as essential to you as breathing.

The double number 7 will stay with you the entire month and will show you how to move towards your new Fate and away from the old one.

The energy of the double number 7 is like a bridge leading from your old life to the new. The middle 7 of the number 7:7:7 Energy Gate that’s been activated this month is the symbol of your new life. You must release the old because you can only grab into the new if nothing is holding you back; if nothing ties you to your old life. You’ll get to decide what your new reality will be like, but first you must drop the weights of the past and leave them behind.

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