The wonderful energy of the first week of December is preparing you for the birth of the Christmas light

Advent, the time before Christmas, draws your attention to yourself and prepares you for the rebirth of the light that flickers within you. The sanctity of Christmas is the birth of the light itself, so prepare for it during the 4 weeks of Advent by getting cleansed and by turning your attention inward. A miracle is about to be born within you and it will manifest next year.

The numerology formula for the first week of December

2  7   3   5
9       8

The energy of the number 12 arrives into your life in the last month of the year to draw your attention to the incredible light flickering within you

Countless of things are vying for your attention in the outside world, trying to get you to focus your energies on them. Many people are attempting to force their will upon you, which will eventually cover up your light, so no wonder you’ve lost sight of who you are and have started pondering why life feels so tough.

When you’re stuck in a rut, it’s actually a symptom of you giving too much attention to others instead of focusing on yourself. The truth is always there within you; you’re the only one who knows what to do. Turn your attention inward instead of letting the pushiness of others distract you from yourself.

The energy of the number 3 arrives into your life to help you balance things out and to prepare you for being reborn 

The number 3 is the number of the Holy Trinity. Your thoughts, feelings, and actions have to stick together. It’s time to take it down a few notches and silence yourself. Open up to a higher quality you because when your thoughts are illuminated, fear will disperse from your soul and will be replaced by faith.

Your actions will be assertive and confident. If there’s any negative idea that leaves you restless, then let it be replaced by an image of the incoming wonders. This is a most wonderful time as you’re waiting for a miracle to come. Let this thought carry you away and fill you with light.

The energy of the number 5 will push you out of situations that are blocking your light

Don’t be alarmed: no matter how fast this change is, its sole purpose is to help you shed your burdens. The only way you can accept the amazing energies of the year 2017, is if there’s nothing to hold you back. Perhaps the time has come put an end to something long overdue.

Perhaps a relationship that’s no longer moving you forward is coming to an end. This energy allows for things to go smoothly and painlessly. The most important thing is not to hold on to anything – let this essential change come about. 

The energy of the number 17 and the number 8 reaffirms your intentions and assures you that you’re not alone

The number 17 is the symbol of the Guiding Star that speaks about the importance of your mission. It also reminds you of the wonderful task you had accepted when you decided to come to Earth in these fascinating times when changes and spiritual growth are under progress. This task is incredibly tough though; you’d not be able to pull it off alone, unless you got assistance from the other side of the veil.

The energy of the number 8 reaffirms that you’re headed in the right direction. This energy arms you with confidence and reminds you of the reasons why you set out in the first place. This energy doesn’t allow you to doubt yourself, not even for a second. Every divine plan gets realized in the course of earthly missions, step-by-step. This energy assures you that you have no reason to worry because your life is on the right track