Miracles are waiting for you in the third week of december

Wonderful things await you this week, even if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the energies of 2016. In case there’s anything that’s making you feel insecure, you can be certain that it’ll all turn out for the better and you’ll know what to do. This assertive and uplifting energy will affect every single day of the year 2017.

If you doubt whether your life was on the brink of positive changes, then let your concerns fade away. Everything is fine and you don’t have to fear clouds eclipsing your Sun. Straighten your back then lift your eyes to the sky as a fantastic era is approaching, and it will make you incredibly happy.

The numerology formula of the third week of December is the following:

2   7   3  1
9       4

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The energies of the number 19, 10, and 1 are entering your life to give you strength, to arm you with confidence, and to signal the beginning of miracles

The energy of the number 19 represents sunshine, light, and joy. Just extend your arms and you’ll be able to feel their presence. Grab the energies of joy and take as much as possible since they’ve come to you to in abundance. The energy of the number 10 will bring an amazing side of yours to light that used to be hidden even from you. You’ll see that you’re capable of so much more than you thought you were.

The energy of the number 1 signals that you’ve finally found yourself in the center of all the events, which will carry through the year 2017. Finally, it’s what you want and not what others want from you that becomes important, so take what’s yours. You’re getting this gift from life in return for all the hard work you’ve put into making the most out of the past year. And it was not the easiest of years, believe me.

The energy of the double number 4 brings about the beginning of a new era.

You can build your life on wonderful, new foundations that will bring you joy, so make sure to use bricks of happiness and light. Leave the energies of darkness and fear behind for good as they are no more than remnants of the past. Pain is no longer needed as it can teach you nothing anymore. It’s time for light, joy, and happiness to be your mentors instead, and let them teach how you can get everything you’ve been dreaming of.

The time of painful struggles is coming to an end. You’ll understand that no matter how tough things have turned out to be, they’ve been essential for paving the way to happiness and the era of light. So open your eyes and welcome the new arrivals into your life.

The number 13 is the bringer of joyful news: your new self is about to be born

Imagine yourself as a caterpillar on the way to becoming a butterfly. You know nothing about your new life or what this transformation entails, nor have you ever experienced anything like this before. Still, you can feel that something enormously impactful is taking shape within you and around you, setting everything in motion. Rest assured that all this is happening for your benefit, and therefore you have nothing to fear. Everything you gain will improve upon your life.

It’s like getting ready for Christmas. You don’t know what lies in the beautifully wrapped box under the tree, but all the special lights and sounds around you are telling you that it’s something tremendous and that you are in the center of it all. This is only the beginning and it will lead you to the wonderful energies of the year 2017. The miracle is about to come alive and I can guarantee you that it’ll be worth the wait.

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