In the fourth week of August your life will turn upside down unless you listen to the energies

It’s of the utmost importance that you learn how to differentiate between external expectations and internal challenges. If you keep on living your life in line with the expectations of others, there’s a chance your whole world will turn upside down. Don’t be alarmed, the incoming energies are not trying to hurt you. They just want to teach you something truly important.

The incoming energies are trying to teach you to pick your goals according to your inner calling. Forget for a second what others expect from you. I know how important it is to be loved and respected by others, still, these energies implore you to focus on yourself. Listen to your intuitions and let them guide you instead of letting other people tell you what’s right and what’s wrong.

The number of the fourth week of August tells you what you can expect in the next few days

2  7   8   4
9      12

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Even if it’s only with the utmost good intention, the double number 12 will turn everything upside down around you if you don’t follow its guidance

The energy of the number 12 is a mirror in which you see yourself upside down. Your feet are at the top and your head is at the bottom. This energy is trying to bring your attention to the fact that you often deem the feedback you get from the outside world more important than what you feel inside. Light is always born within and that’s where the spark is ignited, shining through you. If you seek this light within you and let it guide you, this mirror will flip back to its original position as order will have been restored in your life.

The outside world is a bad advisor. You’re the only one who knows what’s good for you. Only your inner light can guide you. Once you let this light shine through you, there will be some people who won’t like the fact that they have no control over you anymore. But one thing is for certain: you’ll be happy. Say goodbye to those who don’t like what they see as they won’t help you on your journey. Don’t be afraid to make this decision. It will liberate your inner divine light that you’ve been seeking in the outside world.

The double number 3 shows you that it was worth going on the journey that lead you here

The energy of the number 3 will give you the gift of healing and fulfillment. Finally, you’ll get to see the outcome of your hard work and you’ll be able to reap the benefits. All this will happen much faster than you’d think. Perhaps it’s been only a few days since you asked for something, but this time was enough to have your wishes granted. This is how things happen with this new energy, so you’d better get used to making wishes on a regular basis. This thing doesn’t have to be something you need, per se. It’s enough to have no more reason than to want to have it.

This energy is like your fairy godmother. It’ll grant you your heart’s desire. Don’t doubt yourself. If you follow your inner light, you won’t hurt anyone. Everything you’re yearning for is right. Don’t second guess yourself or try to find an excuse. Just dare to want things and take what you get. Be brave enough to let even your wildest dreams come true.

The number 22 and the number 4 will create a brand new reality for you

The double number 2 in the number 22 refers to the fact that the place you’re headed may not be tangible yet, or you may not know where to find it. Your new reality, your new life, the new stability that you’re seeking will find you, and it’ll come from an unexpected place at an unexpected time. You’ll send the energies of your dreams and your wishes on a journey which will commence when you least expect it; at the right place at the right time.

The energy of the number 4 will help stabilize and materialize what you’ve been asking for. You’ll get a chance to place your life on new foundations, using bricks that have been formed from this new energy. Your new life uses your inner light to build itself, void of any expectations that might come from the outside world. Dare to be yourself and let the energy of new life shine through you.

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