Swift changes are coming with the energy of the third week of August

If you still have some reservations after experiencing the energies of the past few weeks, the incoming energies will carry you away so fast that you won’t even have time to scream. Don’t be alarmed, though. Nothing bad will happen. These incoming energies are here to wash away those old attachments that have been hindering your growth for a while.

It’s best to prepare for this unexpected turn of events and keep in mind that anything can happen. Try to figure out which area of your life needs to be cleansed of old energies. Are you dragging around relationships you haven’t been able to end? Things are binding you to your past? These relationships aren’t necessarily human relationships. Perhaps they are old, painful experiences that are holding you captive. The time has come for these incoming energies to wash these relationships away and help you make way for the new. 

The numbers of the third week of August tell you what you can expect in the next few days

2  7   8   6
9      14

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The energy of the double number 7 starts getting rid of everything that has gotten stuck in your life

No need to object. This change will happen whether you try to resist or not, and if you step in its way, it will only make things much more painful. Remember that the number 5 always brings beneficial changes. Things will happen fast and will seemingly turn everything upside down. But the truth is that this energy is like a rescue team lifting you up from a place you don’t belong in anymore, carrying you to brand new pastures. 

Give yourself some space. You won’t have fun if you’re cooped up among four walls. If you yearn to travel or spark new relationships, don’t resist the urge; it’s all part of this change. The more adamant you are at following your feelings, the less painful the change will be and the less you’ll notice it happen.

The energy of the double number 14 opens up a door to a new reality

Whenever an intense transformation commences in your life, a new, better opportunity is born. If you get scared and resist change, this new reality won’t be able to reveal itself. You need to walk over to the door and pull it wide open to see what gift life has prepared for you.

Great changes and supposed difficulties always come bearing gifts as long as you accept the challenge and don’t try to escape. Since they won’t reveal themselves right away, think of these presents as surprises in a giftwrap. Don’t try to guess what’s hiding inside. Just wait patiently, it’ll worth it. Once you realize your goals, make sure you do everything in your power to achieve them.

The number 15 and the number 16 make one of your most cherished dreams come true

The number 15 clears the path in front of you. Your current situation isn’t necessarily what your heart yearns for. Perhaps you’ve been trying to meet the expectations of others, but now life will force you to make a decision from the heart.

The energy of the number 6 is like the fairy tale goldfish that can grant your three wishes. If you’re willing to listen to your heart, the dreams you’ve been nurturing will come true. Let your passion sweep you off your feet and ignore the consequences! Let everything you’ve been waiting for finally happen to you.

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