The energy of the second week of August helps you drop the last of your burdens

You can’t shoot out like a rocket if your handbrakes are pulled in. There are forces in everyone’s lives that are trying to hold us back. If you keep growing as a person, there’ll always be things you must leave behind. From time to time you’ll need to drop everything that’s no longer helping you move forward. You’ll find most of these forces directly around you, so make sure that’s where you look first.

I know how painful it is when you realize you have to let go of one of your relationships or friendships. But bear in mind that you may cause more harm to yourself and to others if you keep trying to foster these relationships, refusing to let them go in time. These forces may appear as tasks, places, and situations. Although you might feel attached to them, there’s a chance you’ve already outgrown them, and therefore you need to bid them farewell.

The numbers of the second week of August tell you what you can expect in the next few days.

2  7   8   8
9      16

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The energy of the triple number 7 helps you drop the last of the burdens you’ve been carrying

The opening of the number 7:7:7 dimension gate last month served this exact goal. However, the incoming energy of this week won’t let you sit around, doing nothing. You either let go of superfluous things, or you’ll lose them. If you make a conscious decision to release them, you’ll be in control of the following events. If you wait for the energies to do the work for you, you’ll feel as if you had lost the ground from beneath your feet.

Take a look at your life and see who or what it is that has no place to be there anymore. Make a conscious decision and bid them goodbye. This goodbye doesn’t have to be dramatic. You don’t have to hurt anyone, just let them go lovingly.

The energy of the double 16 reveals the true face of everything

This energy helps you release things and people. Unless you stick your head in the sand to avoid facing reality, this energy will uncover every situation and person around you in their true form. All the games and pretense will be over. You’ll get a chance to see everything for the way they really are and realize who/what can stay and who/what has to leave immediately.

Don’t be alarmed, you’re in for a surprise. Accept it with an open heart and remember that a bitter pill can cure you if you are willing to take it; if you’re willing to let it transform you. The side effects will be only temporary. If you don’t hold on to them they’ll move on, leaving you cleansed and liberated.

The double number 8 points you into the new direction of your life

You need to have an open mind since you’ll see something you’ve never thought could be possible. These energies are ridiculously intense and as such, they demand swift action.

Don’t limit yourself to thinking small. Your life is handing you something bigger than you could ever imagine. Be brave enough to open your door wide and greet this incoming miracle.

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